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Certified Security and Resilience Professional (CSARP)

Enhance Your Knowledge and Advance Your Career

The Security courses noted on this page have been developed by Savoie Security Associates and partners to ensure that individuals seeking professional development have a focused and dedicated path to security certification. 


Completion of 6 essential and 6 elective courses will provide the necessary requirements for Certification as a Security and Resilience Professional (CSARP) under the Infrastructure Resilience and Research Group (IRRG), Office of the Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Design, Carleton University.


SSA is proud to partner with IRRG to educate the security community and contribute to this Security Certification Program. 

Participants in the IRRG CSARP program must obtain 70% minimum on the tests administered for each course.  Certificates of Attendance are provided to those taking courses but not writing exams.

For more information on the IRRG Program please visit: Infrastructure Resilience Research Group - Carleton University

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