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About Savoie Security Associates (SSA)


To develop a cadre of practitioners and  professionals to manage and lead security programs  in the public and private sector. 


To establish and maintain the Security Professional Certification program by:

  • Providing training, leadership and subject matter expertise in security, emergency preparedness and business continuity management

  • Certifying security professionals through:

    • The Infrastructure Resilience and Research Group (IRRG) Certified Security and Resilience Professional (CSARP) Program, Carleton University

    • The SSA Security Training and Education Program (STEP) 

SSA Associates

SSA carefully selects knowledgeable and experienced instructors who understand and can articulate the importance of building a robust and resilient security program. 

Associates are accountable and responsible for the design and development of training materiel and courses they instruct and the advice and guidance they provide to our clients. 

SSA has an excellent cadre of Associates who are former Departmental and Corporate Security Officers, law enforcement officers, and other subject matter experts from DND, RCMP and the Ottawa Police Services who remain engaged in the security community.

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