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Security Screening and Interviewing (SSI)

  • Dec 14-15, 2023

  • Feb 22-23, 2024

  • Jun 5-6, 2024

  • Oct 17-18, 2024


ARC Hotel, 140 Slater Street, Ottawa, ON


$1800 + HST

COURSE SUMMARY This course is one of the essential courses required for Security Certification under the Infrastructure Resilience Research Group, IRRG, Office of the Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Design, Carleton University.

The Security Screening and Interviewing Course (SSI) provides participants with the requisite knowledge required to implement a security screening program and conduct interviews for cause or resolution of doubt. The Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) Standard on Security Screening and the Policy on Government Security are used as the foundation of the course.  Instructors have applied knowledge and experience and have actively been engaged in implementing security screening requirements and conducting various interviews both for screening and investigative purposes.

The screening process includes the full scope of activities from accountability, roles and responsibilities, mandatory forms, position analysis, specific security and eligibility verification requirements for employees and contractors, adverse case analysis, briefings, aftercare and on-going awareness.

The Interview process includes planning, preparing questions and having a general guideline for the interview, the actual interview process including considerations such as individual rights, expectations and obligations, reporting and decision making. 

At the end of the course you will be able to: 

  • Understand the security screening process, mandatory forms and related activities required to hire trustworthy, reliable and loyal employees and contractors.

  • Understand the key elements and issues of the screening program such as eligibility, position analysis, adverse information analysis, granting and denying, briefings, termination, transferability, reactivation, updates and upgrades, etc.

  • Identify and relate to the internal and external stakeholders with their specific roles and responsibilities in the screening process and the need to inform employees of their rights, privileges, and aftercare practices.

  • Conduct effective interviews for cause and resolution of doubt that considers the employer’s obligations and demonstrates due diligence, ensures employee’s rights are

  • respected, adheres to procedural fairness, handles adverse cases in a professional and sensitive manner.  

  • Understand the complexity of determining whether an individual can be relied upon not to abuse the trust that has been accorded and determine whether there is reasonable cause to believe that the individual may steal valuables, exploit assets and information, fail to safeguard information and assets or exhibit behaviour that negatively affects their reliability. 

Who should attend:

The Security Screening and Interviewing Course is designed for personnel involved in the security screening or staffing process or individuals who may be required to plan and conduct associated interviews; or brief others accordingly. Since all elements of security are integrated, security practitioners who work in physical or information security would also benefit from the knowledge gained through this course. 

This course is a must have for employees who are involved in the screening and interviewing processes or individuals who are interested in broadening their scope of knowledge in the security discipline.     

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