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Security for Special Events (SSE)

  • Nov 8, 2023

  • Mar 1, 2024

  • Sep 5, 2024

  • Dec 2, 2024


ARC Hotel, 140 Slater Street, Ottawa, ON


$900 + HST

COURSE SUMMARY This course is one of the essential courses required for Security Certification under the Infrastructure Resilience Research Group, IRRG, Office of the Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Design, Carleton University.

The Security for Special Events Course provides participants with the knowledge required to successfully plan for and integrate security requirements into events and meetings to ensure the protection of people, assets, and the event proceedings. Effective security for special events ensures that during the planning process accountabilities, roles and responsibilities are clearly defined so that informed decisions are enabled expeditiously, all stakeholders are engaged and working from the same platform, and risks are minimized.

The course focuses on security planning and leadership for special events when security issues could arise and escalate. There will be discussions about the overall sensitivities; need for a baseline security evaluation and potential enhanced security controls; requirement for a threat and risk assessment; identification of logistics, communication and knowledge sharing requirements to ensure that the actual security plan is comprehensive and realistic.

Participants will learn that early planning with stakeholder/partner engagement and effective communication are critical to the success of the event.

At the end of the course, you will be able to: 

  • Establish a security framework for special events

  • Conduct an event specific threat and risk assessment

  • Explain the need for various security measures

  • Engage and collaborate with partners to ensure overall success.

  • Prepare a security plan for an event and explain its importance and relevance to the overall event.

Who should attend:

The Security for Special Events Course has been designed for personnel involved with planning for special events, and conferences, organizing sensitive meetings, discussions, or public proceedings where security issues could arise and escalate. For those who are interested in broadening their scope of knowledge to advance their career the Security for special Events Course will add another level of expertise to your resumé.

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