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Training Awareness and Compliance (TAC)

  • Feb 7, 2024

  • Jun 12, 2024

  • Oct 10, 2024


ARC Hotel, 140 Slater Street, Ottawa, ON


$1000 + HST

COURSE SUMMARY (This course is one of the essential courses available for Security Certification under the Infrastructure Resilience Research Group, IRRG, Office of the Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Design, Carleton University.)

The Security Training, Awareness, and Compliance Course (TAC) provides participants with essential knowledge to develop and implement a training and awareness program that educates, informs, and reminds all employees of their security privileges and limitations. This course will focus on what security practitioners need to know to foster a safe and secure environment where people are protected from harm, and assets and information are safeguarded from compromise.

Module 1 addresses the policy and security control requirements that must be integrated into the security training program as well as important roles and responsibilities.

Module 2 focuses on various target audiences, departmental cultural considerations, and other requirements such as travel security that must form part of your security training program.

Module 3 will outline a best practice to develop a security training program with built in compliance features that will systematically provide reasonable assurance that employees will not inadvertently compromise security measures required to provide a safe and secure work environment. Whether working in the office, remotely, or when travelling everyone must have the same safe and secure mindset.

Recognizing that integrating security into the business lines of the organization and engaging employees in minimizing risks and maximizing safety and security measures are two key features that will enable the success of a training and awareness program. The security messaging must be framed to the culture of the organization with positivity and practicality.

A security training program will educate employees, remind them frequently of issues of concern, emerging challenges, and explain the consequences of inappropriate security protocols practices. The development of your Departmental Training and Awareness Program will demonstrate the value of a robust and resilient security program and will eliminate the need to constantly persuade, influence and convince others of the value added of security measures.

At the end of the course, you will be able to: 

  • Explain the GC threats and how they relate and impact the organization’s business lines   

  • Understand the security policy, control measures, roles and responsibilities

  • Identify the departmental culture to facilitate effective training and awareness activities

  • Engage stakeholders in the design and delivery of training and awareness activities

  • Use formative events and real-life incidents to re-enforce security messages

  • Develop a Training and Awareness Program with monitoring and compliance functions

Who should attend

This Security Training and Awareness and Compliance Course is designed for employees tasked with developing and delivering security training and awareness activities and building a security program that has credibility, respect, and professionalism at its core.

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